My Take On Life…It's Too Short, Enjoy It!

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

I tried this once before; it didn’t last long.  But I’ve got things to say and it’s about time I speak up!  As with most blogs, what I’ll say will generally be my opinions or thoughts about what’s going on in the world.  I’ll try not to get too serious; life is too short.

In about 17-1/2 hours, LeBron James will announce his future plans in the NBA.  I’ve followed sports for a long time, and I can never recall a time when a sports figure felt it necessary to request an hour of airtime for such an announcement.  It’s nice that monies raised to pay for the alloted airtime are going to the Boys and Girls Club of America.  That’s about the only positive thing I can say in regards to what’s being called “The Decision.”

Last weekend, contingencies from several NBA teams traveled to Cleveland to meet with James.  They left their families at home, during a holiday weekend, in order to ‘court’  James.  While other free agents traveled to NBA cities to meet with coaches and general managers, LeBron James was scheduling 2-a-days in Cleveland.  What makes LeBron James so special that he could hold court in Cleveland?  How many titles has he won?  How many championship rings does he have on his fingers?  According to my research, the answer to both of those questions is ZERO!  While I will agree that James is a gifted, talented basketball player, I’m beginning to see signs of that spoiled kid that was driving a Hummer in high school!

I truly hope James uses the hour ESPN has so graciously given him and talks about how great the city of Cleveland has been to him.  I hope he announces he will stay with the Cavaliers and work with the team in trying to win a championship.  Unfortunately, reports are already surfacing that James is leaning towards joining the Miami Heat.  If those are his intentions, he’s better off releasing a statement to the press.  All he will accomplish by announcing “The Decision” on ESPN is losing an entire city of fans, and giving them a televised one-finger salute in the process!


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